Judgemental or Protecting Your Business?

Even if you're not an employer, picture this: a job application comes across your desk for a position you've been trying to fill for months. Up until now, no other candidates have proven that they are the right fit. But now, you've come across an application from someone with a degree in a related field, … Continue reading Judgemental or Protecting Your Business?


From The Eyes of An Employer

A few days ago, I asked my Facebook friends (the ones who are responsible for hiring people) if they would hire someone who is considered employment challenged (an ex-offender, recovering addict, or someone who is homeless). I didn’t get too many responses, but the ones I did get interested me. It seemed that most people … Continue reading From The Eyes of An Employer

Shameless [Spoiler Alert]

I know I’m late, but I just recently started watching Shameless (it didn’t take long to become hooked, I’m on season 7 right now). Besides the funny and crazy things that happen on the show, they actually do touch on a few topics that make me think. If you haven’t seen Shameless or are not … Continue reading Shameless [Spoiler Alert]

Greyston Bakery

I discovered Greyston Bakery through a school project I’m doing on Ben & Jerry’s. If you didn’t know already, all of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that include brownies, (Half Baked, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, anyone?) are made by a special Yonkers, NY bakery. What makes this company special is their Open Hiring System, meaning that … Continue reading Greyston Bakery